Listener Comments

Last updated May 25, 2016
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"Hello. I was wondering how our station could receive a demo copy of your count down to see if we want to air it on a weekly basis. Please mail a copy to CIOT FM" Rod Peterson

"Hi Sir, I am a lover of both gospel and country music. I listen to your wonderful program, gospel country most times on SUNNY FM in Ghana. In fact your program gives me double satisfaction. I will like to thank you also for the good work. GOD Almighty bless you all. Thank you, your friend," George, Ghana

"Dear brother, I am very thankful because of the Country Gospel CD's we have been receiving them,
I want to let you know that we are airing the programs on Sundays at 4:00 pm." Richard P. Ruiz Torres, Peru

"Is your Top Hits show not on the web any longer? People who live where no radio station plays Christian Country Music need you!"
Linda Owen
Linda, thank you for writing. Two others wrote before you, very upset that the show is not up on our website. Here's the reason why. A month ago we got a letter from ASCAP wanting several hundred dollars a year as a licensing fee for having the show on the Internet. (ASCAP is one of three performing rights organizations who collect fees from radio stations, music-on-hold, stores that play music thru the P.A., etc. The other two organizations, BMI and SESAC would be right behind ASCAP with their hands out.)

Gospel Country is still played on the radio every week, on 23 radio stations, and generates a fair bit of royalty money for artists that way. And radio is our primary responsibility. This ministry simply cannot afford the bill that ASCAP sent out, so, in spite of the fact that ASCAP claims to represent the songwriters, in the teeny tiny world of Christian Country, these songs are getting even less airplay.

Actually, the radio show is still on the Internet in MP3 format, for the exclusive use for radio stations to demo or download for airplay, something that ASCAP still allows.

Don't get me wrong. I really believe (without exception) songwriters deserve to get paid. We're champions for radio stations paying their licensing fees. It's just that we, a non profit running in a permanent deficit situation, cannot afford a licensing fee that doesn't take our situation into account.

So, if you or anyone sends me an email ( and certifies that you'll use the MP3 as a demo for your local radio station, and take the show into them for consideration... I can tell you where the MP3 file for the current week is. If anyone has any creative ideas on how this ministry can raise the money to pay the Performing Rights Organizations, please let me know. (Would anyone want to sponsor the Internet version?)

Some of the stations that run our show do a simultaneous webcast, and if you can work it in the schedule, you can hear the show as broadcast by any of these.

Finally, don't give up. Check in here regularly, perhaps the situation will change. And thank you for writing! -Les

"I love your music."
Claude Pomerleau, Senneterre, Québec, Canada.
(Merci, Claude. Je suis bien hereux que tu as nous trouvé! -Les Roberts)

"I found your station while searching for Christian radio.I really enjoyed listening to the country gospel music. Keep up the good work. God bless you all."
Wilson Sloan, Lisburn, Northern Ireland.
(Great to have a listener in Ulster! We've had listeners in Eire and England for a while. Please visit us weekly! -Les Roberts)

"I've been looking for you for years,(found old station tape long ago) So glad I found the internet"
J.L.Danforth, Eugene OR
(Thanks JL. We're sorry you had trouble finding us. The tape from the station may have had an old obsolete address on it. How can we help you, now you've found us? -Les Roberts)

"I listen to you every Sunday on 1570 CKMW. You should play this kind of music every day, all day."
Katherine S, Grunthal MB Canada

"We do not have anything like you play here in Dayton, Ohio. My wife and I are Country Gospel Singers"
Dave Kingman, Dayton OH

"Listen to newest program....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jon, Oklahoma
(Thanks Jon. We've had reports from webtv users that they can't hear the show. We're working on that problem. Keep trying. -Les Roberts)

"Just found you on the Internet today 01-24-2000. There is NO Christian music on radio over here."
Richard Norris, Taegu South Korea
(And yet South Korea has a huge population of believers. If you know of a station that would carry the show, we'd be willing to supply it. -Les Roberts)

"Enjoyed the show this week. Keep up the good work."
Eva Osteen, Hendersonville NC
(Thanks! Starting this week, we're also including some Christmas favorites -Les Roberts)

"This is great, I wish we could get your music locally for our car's radio! Thanks for the great program."
Cynthia White, Arlington TX
(Thanks! If you have some information on local stations we should approach, let me know by email to -Les Roberts)

"Please bring your count down to East Texas. It's great!!!"
Jerry Baker, Crockett TX
(We'd love to! If you have some information on local stations we should approach, let me know by email to -Les Roberts)

"I like the show! How's Susie's new CD doing....Hope to hear her on here soon!"
Emily, Bonham TX
(Emily! Thanks for your kind words. We received Susie's CD and reviewed it in the CCRB in October. It's a good one! You can surely expect several singles from Susie's disc to make the top-10 countdown over the next year -Les Roberts)

"I'm looking forward to the day when your server is fixed. There is a shortage of Christian Country"
Walt, Ft Worth TX
(Walt, thanks for your patience. Not sure if it had been hacked, or due to natural causes, but we got the RealAudio server back on August 23. Thanks for your patience! New show every week! -Les Roberts)

"Why don't they offer more of this type of gospel music in North Carolina?"
Melissa, Marshall NC
(Melissa, they can. Our show is available for radio stations at no charge! -Les)

"Your program helped me deal with my Mom's recent death. I heard a song, Aging Gracefully. It fits."
Brandi S., Fairbanks AK (Listens on KIAK-FM)
(Brandi, I am so glad the song and the program provided encouragement and solace! I know that the songwriter and singer, Ernie Rowell, will be encouraged that his song has been a support to you! -Les Roberts)

"In a area where we do not enjoy up-to-date Christian Country Music, this is a true blessing. thanks!"
Fred de Wind, Red Lake ON Canada
"This is an awsome site!!!"
Dan Sines, Yelm WA
"Get the real audio server fixed soon. I miss listening to the Top 10 Countdown every night."
Raymond G, Richmond TX
(Because of copyright issues and legal threats from the performing rights organizations, notably ASCAP, we cannot and do not stream from our server. But many of our affiliates do, and you can listen to their radio feeds, from their webpages, or by using the TUNE IN app on your smartphones. You just have to be listening at the time they run our show -Les)
"I listen to Gospel Country every Sunday at 9am ET on CJSS 1220 am. I am so pleased that we are truly Blessed with your show every week. I was really touched when I heard Elaine Anderson He is, God has given her a great gift to use to glorify Him, She has an awesome voice and that song was great. Thank you for coming into my home every Sunday via radio. May the Lord continue to use your show to reach others."
Carol F, Cornwall ON
"I am blessed. Keep it up."
Amor Valeriano M. Ines, Badoc IN Philippines
"What a great station,we don`t have good country Christian music in our area... I love it. THANKS"
Betty Jackson, Xenia OH
"I enjoyed your program very much. Keep up the work."
Delton D. Hughes, Higginson AR
"I wish we had a station like this in Ireland!"
J P Henderson, Omagh, Northern Ireland
"I enjoyed the show, and think it's the best I've heard"
Lin Butler, host Christian Country with Lin Butler, Rome GA